ILUSI exhibition : behind the scene

Underwater & floating exhibition in Bali

Directed by: Mbek-X & Erik Wirasatki
Camera: Erik Wirasakti
Video editor & graphics: Mbek-X
Music: Ndit clownster
Photography by: Romain Osi
Production: I Gede Adiputra , Aditya Kusuma, IFI


LOOP is a photographic, videographic and sonore project made in Iceland.

"A circle, its limits and my freewill. Or the question of going in circles"

Pictures: Romain Osi
Sounds: Clément Simounet

LOOP - Departure (preview)
LOOP - La marche (preview)
LOOP - Smoke (preview)
LOOP - Mirror (preview)
LOOP - Fields (preview)

Video from the exhibition "Uscita" at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris, France.

Photographic & videographic work exclusively on highways in Europe : 10 countries, 60 days and 60 nights without leaving the highway.