French independent photographer based in NYC. Member of the cooperative photographic agency Picturetank, his artwork reveals a colorful and invisible world during night time. Its exhibitions spreads through the world since +10 years: Brazil, Indonesia, Algeria, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Cuba, Argentina, Mexico, Romania… He works with several french institutions, communication, publishing and international press. He also takes part in photographic workshops with adults and young public.

He’s also the co-founder of the We Oui Company (get ready to experience real-life cinematographic surprises) and the Web Design agency Demain Studio.

”Whatever the topic and selected locations – nocturnal wandering on the motorway, part contained, city-cage concrete leaving no place in heaven, or conversely, desert landscape in which nature reclaims its rights – Romain Osi consists of images he has to see as fragments of life taken from the world with pinpoint accuracy.
At night the electric lights and give them a context where uncertainty often arise characters such appearances that were not expected. Photographs are sometimes traversed by light flashes, sometimes filled with an aura green or blue, heralding a new day. Often described as the wandering photographer, Romain Osi opens a window through which hallucinations or fantasized amazing and mysterious place whose decor conducive to the search for truth: truth about ourselves and our environments familiar or strange. The quest of the artist becomes the viewer’s returned to his solitude, his questionings, his aspirations wandering, its utopias. It is a face to face with himself that offers the photographer to the viewer who chooses to cross the corridor with him, this play, this highway, this beach, this sky.”

Carine Le Malet, Le Cube, France



  • On the sea exhibtions in Sanur, Ifi, 2012, "Ilusi" - Bali

  • Outdoor exhibitions, IF Bandung & Common Room "Keluyuran", 2010 - Indonesia

  • Outdoor exhibitions in Jakarta streets, IF Jakarta "Urban dream", 2010 - Indonesia

  • Gallery Espart, IF Bandung "Urban dream", 2010 - Indonesia

  • Melon Rouge Gallery "Uscita", 2008 - Phnom Penh, Cambodia

  • Melon Rouge Gallry "Bound area", 2007 - Cambodia



  • Maison Européenne de la Photographie "Uscita", 2007 - Paris, France

  • Le 104 "Correspondencia AEA" , 2009 - Paris, France

  • Room Gallery "Collaborators", 2010 - London, UK

  • Théâtre de l’Odéon "PHPA Prize", 2010 - Paris, France

  • IF Berlin "Exil", 2007 - Berlin, Germany

  • Timisoara International Photography "Surexpositions" - 2008, Romania

  • Le Cube "Utopies", 2008 - Issy-les-moulineaux, France

  • Mois de la Photo, CF Villon "Indonesia", 2012 - Paris, France

  • Micro Onde "Je te peins, tu me peins", 2012 - Paris, France

  • La Cartonnerie "Uscita", 2008 - Reims, France


North Africa

  • IF Constantine "Urban moods", 2007 - Algeria


Books - limited editions - tv

  • « Ilusi » IF Indonesia

  • « Je te peins, tu me peins » Micro Onde Edition, France

  • « Keluyuran » IF Bandung Edition, Indonesia

  • « Uscita » Maison Européenne de la Photographie Edition, France

  • « Urban moods » Subervie Edition, France

  • « Osicolor » 13’ documentary, directed by B. Penquer, IIIS Productions


South America

  • Museum of Contemporary Art - Niteroi "Correspondencia AEA", 2009 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Museum of Contemporary Art - Santiago de Chile "Correspondencia AEA", 2009 - Chile

  • 10th International Havana Biennial "Correspondencia AEA", 2009 - Cuba

  • Galeria de Arte Meninos de Luz "Mari-Mage", 2009 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Borges Cultural Center "Correspondencia AEA", 2009 - Buenos Aires Argentina

  • Casa Vecina Cultural Center "Correspondencia AEA": with Mariella Sola and Armando Migueléz 2009 - Mexico


  • Giant Exhibition in the Luxembourg Subway station "Correspondance", 2007, with M. Sola - Paris, France

  • Nuit Blanche Paris "Le jour d’après" with M. Sola, 2006, Métazone - Paris, France

  • AF Aachen "Urban moods/Stadt-Stimmungen, 2005 - Germany

  • Nuit Blanche Paris « Correspondancwith M. Sola, Métazone, 2004 - France

  • Exhibition on the Rivoli street "Urban moods", 2004 - Paris 4th city hall, France

  • Palais de Tokyo "Hypergallery", 2003 - Paris, France

  • Ouverture Facile "The city", 2003, Boulogne Studios - France

  • La Comedia Art Center "Coïncidences", 2003 - Paris, France

  • Mois de la photo "Night stories", 2002 - Paris 4th city hall, France

  • Juliobona Art Gallery "Uscita", 2008 - Lillebonne, France



Photographic workshops for kids & adults:

  • « Ecritures de Lumière » CNDP & Micro Onde Art Center, Vélizy-Villacoublay, France, 2011

  • Commission « Living / Art workshop » Children’s Council, Paris 4th town hall, France. « Instantanés project », 2009

  • PAC Class, Jean Jaurès School, Levallois-perret: « Memory of the City project ». Le Cube, The Academic Inspection, Hauts-de-Seine General Council, 2005